Thursday, May 23, 2024

Rocket League: Ξεκινά η Season 2

Η νέα σεζόν του Rocket League της Psyonix ξεκινά στις 9 Δεκεμβρίου! Σε αυτή τη σεζόν παίζουμε μπάλα με θέμα τη μουσική! Θα βρείτε συνθέσεις του διάσημου DJ Kaskade, νέα αρένα/γήπεδο, νέο Rocket pass και ένα ολοκαίνουργιο feature με όνομα Player Anthems!

Δείτε πιο αναλυτικά το νέο περιεχόμενο της Season 2:

Rocket League Season 2 Content

Player Anthems – This new customization option will let players select and play Rocket League music in the Arena after scoring a goal. More information about Player Anthems will be revealed on the Rocket League website tomorrow.

New Music and Content From Kaskade – Psyonix partnered with long-standing partner and electronic music label Monstercat and acclaimed producer Kaskade to create an EP of songs for Rocket League Season 2. The first song, “Flip Reset,” with WILL K, is now available in-game, featured in the Season 2 trailer, and on streaming platforms (here). Additional Kaskade music and content will be available throughout the season.

New Rocket Pass – This season’s Rocket Pass includes music-themed items! Some of which will pulse and flash to the beat of the menu and arena music! The appropriately named R3MX car and 70+ Tiers of unique items will be available for those who unlock Rocket Pass Premium.

Rocket League Season 2

Neon Fields Arena – This new EDM-inspired Arena will be available in Online Playlists and Private Matches.

Rocket Labs – Rocket Labs will return as a Casual Limited Time Mode Playlist throughout the season.

Additional Updates – New Competitive Rewards, Challenges, Quality of Life improvements, and changes to the Esports Shop are coming in Season 2 as well. More information on the changes to the Esports Shop will be available early next week.

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