Friday, April 19, 2024

Η Konami κυκλοφορεί ένα νέο Action platformer με τίτλο Skelattack

Η Konami θα είναι η publisher για το παιχνίδι της Ukuza με τίτλο Skelattack. Πρόκειται για ένα 2D Action platformer το οποίο είναι διαθέσιμο από σήμερα σε ψηφιακή μορφή σε Nintendo Switch, PS, PS4 και Xbox One προς 19.99 ευρώ. Δείτε το trailer της ανακοίνωσης καθώς και την επίσημη περιγραφή από τη σελίδα Steam.

Play Skelattack and save the Underworld in this fun and unique action platformer!

Being dead is not so bad when you have the Underworld to live in. A magical and expansive world inhabited by quirky, charming and sometimes deadly inhabitants of the afterlife, the Underworld also includes Aftervale. Aftervale is a happy hub where the dead come to spend eternity and come to terms with their time alive through a Remembrance.

For our hero Skully, the day of his Remembrance is shattered by an invasion from the human kingdom above. However, unlike prior attacks by the humans, they are not seeking gold or other treasure. Instead, they kidnap Aftervale’s elder skeleton Elzedon and then go after the magic that kindles the spirits of the dead, the Blue Flame. Without the Blue Flame, there is no Aftervale, no existence beyond death.

Together with your best bat friend Imber, you will need to jump, slash and flap your way though the Underworld. It’s up to you to stop the humans, save the Elder, protect the Blue Flame and confront Skully’s own life before coming to the Aftervale.

Key Features
Versatile and fluid platforming fun for all ages.
Visually rich art style.
Be a warrior AND a skeleton.
Fight the Humans before they plunder your un-life!
Meet a unique cast of friendly monsters, undead, and make friends along the way.
Play as an adorable bat named Imber, she is the best.
Take your time, look for secrets, or even try to speed run, Skelattack is fun for all skill levels and challenge seekers.
Extensive check point system of Blue Flames to practice your jumps!


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