Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Dead Cells Update 31

Dead Cells

Τα update για τον εν λόγω τίτλο, δε σταματούν. Έτσι έχουμε στην version 31 του Dead Cells, τις παρακάτω αλλαγές. Απο τo patch note της MotionTwin με το μότο: NO BOSS.

New game mode: Boss Rush

There is a new area, accessible through the basement door in Prisoner’s Quarters where you access the Training Room and the Tailor. Once you’ve gone through the basement door, just follow the corridor until you come to the third door with the red boss head next to it.

Through this door, you’ll find another 4 doors, leading to 4 different stages where you will fight:

  • 3 Bosses
  • 5 Bosses
  • 3 Bosses with Modifiers
  • 5 Bosses with Modifiers

The bosses are randomly selected from the following tiers:

  • Concierge, Conjunctivius, Mama Tick
  • Time Keeper, The Giant, The Scarecrow
  • Hand of the King, The Servants (just the final fight, not the entire tower!), The Queen

Roguelite? Metroidvania? RogueVania!


Μεταξύ άλλων θα βρείτε και διάφορα “καλούδια”.

  • Added new Bosses ModifiersCcustomizable Statue
  • Ranged Weapon: Glyphs of Peril
  • Skill: Taunt
  • Mutation: Wish
  • 8 new Outfits, unlocked through the Boss Rush


  • Spartan Sandals: Super Bump
  • Oil Sword: Oil on Kill
  • Flint: Instant Charge
  • Katana: Deflect Bullets
  • Killing Deck: Random Effect
  • Money Shooter: Pay to win
  • Bump Shield: Super Bump
  • Shockwave: Super Bump
  • Pollo Power: Miracle of Life



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